Photorelays are a type of photocouplers consisting of an LED on the input side and a MOSFET on the output side. Photorelays offer many advantages over mechanical relays such as long service life, low-current drive and fast response. Photorelays are widely used for contact switching in semiconductor test systems, security systems, etc. Toshiba offers low RON,low CoFF photorelays in ultra-small VSON/S-VSON packages for semiconductor test system applications, and general-purpose photorelays in various packages featuring high current and high off-state voltage.

Advantage of Photorelay

We will be introducing the merits of replacing mechanical relays with photorelays, and the unique features of Toshiba Photorelay such as ultra-small packages and large current type photorelays.

Basic Information/Comparison with Mechanical Relay


[ Photorelay for ATE ]

Below are the photorelay lineups for ATE (Automated Test Equipment).

Type PKG VOFF (min.) ION (max.) VFON (max.) RON (typ.) RON (max.) COFF (typ.) C(pF)xR(Ω) (typ.) IOFF (max.) tON (max.) tOFF (max.) BVs (min.)
TLP3403 VSON4 20V 1000mA 3mA 0.18Ω 0.22Ω 40pF 7.2 1nA 2ms 1ms 500Vrms
TLP3431 VSON4 20V 450mA 3mA 0.8Ω 1.2Ω 5pF 4 1nA 0.5ms 0.5ms 500Vrms
TLP3450 VSON4 20V 200mA 3mA 0.8pF 2.4 1nA 0.2ms 0.2ms 500Vrms
TLP3440 VSON4 40V 120mA 3mA 12Ω 14Ω 0.45pF 5.4 1nA 0.2ms 0.3ms 500Vrms
TLP3441 VSON4 40V 140mA 3mA 10Ω 0.7pF 3.5 1nA 0.2ms 0.2ms 500Vrms
TLP3442 VSON4 40V 100mA 3mA 15Ω 20Ω 0.3pF 4.5 1nA 0.2ms 0.2ms 500Vrms
TLP3475 VSON4 50V 300mA 3mA 1.5Ω 12pF 12 1nA 0.5ms 0.4ms 500Vrms
TLP3412 VSON4 60V 400mA 3mA 1.5Ω 20pF 20 1nA 0.5ms 0.5ms 500Vrms
TLP3451 VSON4 60V 120mA 3mA 10Ω 15Ω 0.7pF 7 1nA 0.2ms 0.2ms 500Vrms
TLP3417 VSON4 80V 120mA 3mA 12Ω 5pF 25 1nA 0.5ms 0.2ms 500Vrms
TLP3419 VSON4 80V 200mA 3mA 6.5pF 39 1nA 0.4ms 0.4ms 500Vrms
TLP3420 VSON4 100V 100mA 3mA 14Ω 6pF 48 1nA 0.3ms 0.3ms 500Vrms
Type PKG VOFF (min.) ION (max.) VFON (max.) RON (typ.) RON (max.) COFF (typ.) C(pF)xR(Ω) (typ.) IOFF (max.) tON (max.) tOFF (max.) BVs (min.)
TLP3403R VSONR4 20V 1000mA 3.0V 0.18Ω 0.22Ω 40pF 7.2 1nA 2ms 1ms 300Vrms
TLP3475R VSONR4 50V 300mA 3.0V 1.5Ω 12pF 12 1nA 0.5ms 0.4ms 300Vrms
TLP3412R VSONR4 60V 400mA 3.0V 1.5Ω 20pF 20 1nA 0.5ms 0.5ms 300Vrms
Type PKG VOFF (min.) ION (max.) RON (typ.) RON (max.) COFF (typ.) C(pF)xR(Ω) (typ.) IOFF (max.) tON (max.) tOFF (max.) BVs (min.)
TLP3406S S-VSON4 30V 1500mA 0.1Ω 0.2Ω 120pF 12 1nA@20V 2ms 1ms 500Vrms
TLP3440S* S-VSON4T 40V 120mA 12Ω 14Ω 0.45pF 5.4 1nA@40V 0.2ms 0.3ms 500Vrms
TLP3475S S-VSON4 60V 400mA 1.1Ω 1.5Ω 12pF 12 1nA@50V 0.5ms 0.4ms 500Vrms
TLP3407S S-VSON4 60V 1000mA 0.2Ω 0.3Ω 80pF 16 1nA@50V 2ms 1ms 500Vrms
TLP3409S S-VSON4 100V 650mA 0.4Ω 0.6Ω 50pF 20 1nA@80V 2ms 1ms 500Vrms

* :S-VSON4T package. The height is (typ)1.3mm, while others are (typ)1.65mm

[High Current (High Capacity) Photorelay]

Below is a lineup of high current (high capacity) photorelays.

TLP3100 SOP6 20V 2.5A 3mA 20mΩ 0.05Ω 1000pF 20 0.01μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3106 SOP6 30V 4A 3mA 20mΩ 0.04Ω 1100pF 22 1μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3553A DIP4 30V 4A 3mA 25mΩ 50Ω 450pF 11.25 1μA 3ms 1ms 2500rms
TLP3543A DIP6 30V 4A 3mA 20mΩ 0.04Ω 1100pF 22 1μA 5ms 0.5ms 2500Vrms
TLP3146 SOP4 30V 3.3A 3mA 30mΩ 50Ω 450pF 13.5 1μA 2ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3544 DIP6 40V 3.5A 3mA 60mΩ 0.06Ω 1000pF 60 1μA 5ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3102 SOP6 40V 2.5A 3mA 30mΩ 0.06Ω 1000pF 30 0.01μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3554 DIP4 40V 2.5A 3mA 50mΩ 0.15Ω 300pF 15 1μA 5ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP241A DIP4 40V 2A 3mA 60mΩ 0.15Ω 300pF 18 1μA 5ms 1ms 5000Vrms
TLP3123 SOP4 40V 1A 3mA 100mΩ 0.13Ω 300pF 30 0.001μA 3ms 0.5ms 1500Vrms
TLP3547 DIP8 60V 5A 5mA 22mΩ 0.05Ω 850pF 18.7 1μA 5ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3107 SOP6 60V 3.3A 3mA 30mΩ 0.06Ω 700pF 21 0.02μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3542 DIP6 60V 2.5A 3mA 65mΩ 0.1Ω 400pF 26 0.0015μA 3ms 0.6ms 2500Vrms
TLP3103 SOP6 60V 2.3A 3mA 40mΩ 0.07Ω 1000pF 40 0.01μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3555A DIP4 60V 3A 3mA 45mΩ 100Ω 250pF 11.25 1μA 2ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3545A DIP6 60V 4A 3mA 35mΩ 0.06Ω 250pF 11.25 1μA 5ms 0.5ms 1500Vrms
TLP3122A 4pin SO6 60V 1.4A 3mA 130mΩ 0.25Ω 100pF 13 1μA 3ms 1ms 3750Vrms
TLP3147 SOP4 60V 2.5A 3mA 50mΩ 100Ω 240pF 12 1μA 2ms 0.5ms 1500Vrms
TLP3823 DIP8 100V 3A 5mA 60mΩ 0.15Ω 720pF 43.2 1μA 5ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3109 SOP6 100V 2A 3mA 45mΩ 0.07Ω 500pF 22.5 0.02μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3105 SOP6 100V 1.4A 3mA 100mΩ 0.2Ω 1000pF 100 0.01μA 5ms 1ms 1500Vrms
TLP3556A DIP4 100V 2A 3mA 110mΩ 0.2Ω 110pF 12.1 1μA 2ms 0.5ms 2500Vrms
TLP3546A DIP6 100V 3.5A 3mA 50mΩ 0.08Ω 450pF 22.5 1μA 5ms 0.5ms 2500Vrms
TLP3149 SOP4 100V 1.5A 3mA 120mΩ 100Ω 160pF 19.2 1μA 2ms 0.5ms 1500Vrms
TLP3825 DIP8 200V 1.5A 5mA 250mΩ 0.5Ω 400pF 100 1μA 5ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3558A DIP4 200V 0.7A 3mA 900mΩ 0.5Ω 400pF 100 1μA 1ms 0.5ms 2500Vrms
TLP3548 DIP8 400V 0.4A 1mA 3000mΩ 410pF 1230 1μA 1ms 1ms 2500Vrms
TLP3549 DIP8 600V 0.6A 5mA 1350mΩ 4300pF 5805 10μA 3ms 1ms 2500Vrms

[Other Recommended Photorelays]

Type PKG VOFF (min.) ION (max.) IFT (max.) RON (typ.) RON (max.) COFF (typ.) C(pF)xR(Ω) (typ.) IOFF (max.) tON (max.) tOFF (max.) BVs (min.)
TLP172GM 4pin SO6 350V 110mA 3mA 22Ω 35Ω 30pF 660 1μA 1ms 0.5ms 3750Vrms
TLP172GAM 4pin SO6 400V 110mA 3mA 30Ω 45Ω 30pF 900 1μA 1ms 0.5ms 3750Vrms
TLP175A 4pin SO6 60V 100mA 1mA 25Ω 50Ω 10pF 250 1μA 5ms 5ms 3750Vrms
TLP176AM 4pin SO6 60V 700mA 3mA 0.15Ω 100pF 15 1μA 3ms 0.4ms 3750Vrms
TLP240A DIP4 60V 500mA 3mA 0.6Ω 130pF 78 1μA 3ms 1ms 5000Vrms
TLP240D DIP4 200V 250mA 3mA 80pF 400 1μA 3ms 1ms 5000Vrms
TLP240GA DIP4 400V 120mA 3mA 17Ω 28Ω 80pF 1360 1μA 2ms 1ms 5000Vrms
TLP240J DIP4 600V 90mA 3mA 30Ω 40Ω 75pF 2250 1μA 2ms 1ms 5000Vrms