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NXP 5 V Qi V1.1 wireless charging transmitter NXQ1TXA5

2015/07/24NXP Semiconductors  Network/Telecommunication


The NXQ1TXA5 requires only a Qi coil, resonant capacitors, and very few external components to build a complete 5 V Qi Version 1.1 compliant low power wireless charging transmitter, with a standby power of less than 10 mW, for a design that fits on a single side of a PCB area of less than 2cm2.


` A5/A11 transmitter according to Qi specification version 1.1.2
` Fully integrated transmitter with no external active components
` Low-power technology based on CoolFluxTM DSP
` Extremely low component count solution
` Small product package: HVQFN32 (5 x 5 mm)
` Standby power of < 10 mW, including device detection
` Smart Power support for supply port with limited power
` Advanced ASK processing by DSP
` Adaptive FOD switches automatically between V1.0 and V1.1


` Extremely small application size
` No power wasted if charger is in standby mode
` Meets highest 5-star smartphone charger standby power rating of < 30 mW
` Reliable interoperability with DSP signal processing
` Safe operation with FOD and optional NTC
` Option to add NXP NTAG I2C NFC technology
` Proven Qi compliance and interoperability with available Qi receivers


` 5 V (USB supplied) wireless charging pads
` Small (portable) and cost-optimized wireless chargers
` Ideal for in-the-box wireless Qi chargers, included with smartphone Designed for superior performance in size- and cost-optimized 5 V wireless chargers, the NXP NXQ1TXA5 wireless charging transmitter integrates everything from power control, signal processing, on-chip current and voltage measument up to a fullbridge output power stage, and achieves standby power ratings of less than 10 mW.


Exceptionally high integration and advanced functionality serve to reduce footprint and standby power consumption. In addition to the Qi coil and resonant capacitors, the NXQ1TXA5 requires less than ten external components. Low pincount enables the use of a very small, 32 pin HVQFN package (SOT617-3) of 5 x 5 mm with a 0.5 mm pitch. This small package size and fewer external components mean the design can use a less expensive PCB. The entire transmitter design can be implemented on a PCB area of less than 2cm2 (1/3 in2).



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