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NXP’s MIFARE DESFire Drives Smart Mobility in Barcelona

2015/03/20NXP Semiconductors  Network/Telecommunication


March 04, 2015


Full interoperability and additional service possibilities offered with new T-Mobilitat card

Eindhoven, Netherlands, March 04, 2015 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced that the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) will use MIFARE® DESFire® for their new mobility card, T-Mobilitat. Barcelona’s long-term ambition to become a self-sufficient and innovative city through progressive urban transformation is one-step closer with the new T-Mobilitat card, which will provide over 5.7 million inhabitants of the city with easy access to public transportation. NXP’s MIFARE DESFire contactless solutions support this vision, delivering smart mobility services to more than 70 public transport operators in and around the Spanish city.

The new T-Mobilitat mobility card from ATM will eventually replace all the old magnetic machinery and over 70 public transport integrated fares that coexist today. The card, which will be fully interoperable with all public transport operators in Barcelona, will greatly simplify travel across the city and foster greater efficiencies in the transportation network. First trials of T-Mobilitat are expected later this year.

The T-Mobilitat card will also be compatible with other MIFARE® based applications in Barcelona, such as Bicing bike rental, Bicibox parking bays or the car rental service Zipcar. This enhanced functionality provides users of the card a multi-application experience that truly reflects the smart mobility aspirations of the city.

In support of Barcelona’s urban transportation, innovative solutions provider Connecthings recently launched the Barcelona Contactless project, a dynamic mobile information system for citizens and visitors using public transportation in Barcelona. To move around the city more easily and get access to important travel information, citizens and visitors can use more than 1.000 touch points by simply tapping their NFC enabled device to a tag based on NXP´s NTAG213. Additional NFC touch points will be introduced across Barcelona during 2015.

“Autoritat del Transport Metropolità is mastering the challenge of providing a reliable and secure eTicketing scheme to more than 70 transport operators. Since the whole world is looking to Barcelona it is important to have confidence in all elements of the system. As such ATM will rely on the secure MIFARE DESFire technology which already has a proven track record in many metropolises such as London, Madrid and Dubai,” said Carme Fàbregas, CTO at ATM Barcelona. “In addition, product availability is important to us. By selecting MIFARE DESFire technology we can count on the largest network of card manufactures, banking IC and SIM card vendors who can provide solutions to our system.”

“Real-time schedules, accessible directly from NFC tags displayed on transport street furniture, is one of the must-have services for smart cities utilizing mobile. Not only is it a success in term of usage and audience, but it also enhances the overall visibility of contactless services in a city like Barcelona, thus, becoming an essential pillar for the success of mobile ticketing, “ said Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO and founder of Connecthings.

“Urban transformations, such as the one we are seeing in Barcelona, are beginning to gain traction all over the world. In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and congestion many cities are looking to re-vitalize their public transport systems. Solutions, like NXP’s MIFARE-based contactless portfolio not only create a more efficient, simpler operational component they also create a multi-use experience for travellers,” said Martin Gruber, general manager, business sector secure mobility and retail, NXP Semiconductors. “The experience and expertise that we bring with our MIFARE solutions help city authorities such as ATM develop secure transportation systems that are more integrated and easier to use.”

To discuss smart cities further join NXP’s panel discussion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on ‘Urban Living and the Smart Cities of Tomorrow’. Renowned experts such as Ben Hammersley and Sophie Stigliano from Audi Urban Future Initiative will discuss the challenges of the smart city at the NXP booth – hall 7 E30. The panel discussion will start at 3:30pm on Wednesday March 4. For more information please visit

MIFARE is NXP´s well-known brand for a wide range of contactless IC products used in more than 40 different applications worldwide. With more than 150 million reader core components and 10 billion contactless and dual interface ICs sold, MIFARE products are one of the most proven and reliable interface technologies in the market. MIFARE products comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 14443 and are backward-compatible within the product families. This ensures that the existing infrastructure can be smoothly upgraded to higher security and feature levels, such as payment systems, ticketing solutions, loyalty programs, access management, and parking. To further extend the reach of MIFARE products, the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group brings MIFARE applications into NFC-enabled mobile devices.
About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) creates solutions that enable Secure Connections for a Smarter World. Building on its expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics, NXP is driving innovation in the application areas Connected Car, Security, Portable & Wearable and Internet of Things. NXP has operations in more than 25 countries, and posted revenue of $5.65 billion in 2014. Find out more at

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