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Shindengen is an overall manufacturer of power electronics that develops and produces power semiconductors, electrical products, power device products and new energy products. Chip One Stop allows you to make small-lot purchases of highly efficient and high performing power semiconductors and power device products.

AC/DC Power Supply

Select products by the circuit board you will use.

PFC(Active Filter)
It is installed behind the bridge diode fro the purpose of power factor improvement and harmonic countermeasure, and it functions as part of the power supply circuit.
It is classified into a current continuous type and a current critical type due to the difference in current flowing (control method), and in general the continuous current type is for large power and the current critical type is for small/medium power.
In recent years, introduction of the interleave method has made it easier to cope with higher power consumption even in current critical types.
Circuit configuration
Current continuous type

Because the current of the diode is a trapezoidal wave, the recovery current is large, which causes noise and power loss.
Therefore, it is necessary to select the diode as fast as possible.

Current critical type

The diode current becomes a triangular wave and the recovery current is suppressed by the inductor.
Therefore, it is unnecessary to calculate the high speed of the diode as the continuous current type and the balance with the forward voltage drop VF is important.

Main semiconductor parts used