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    High-speed switching contributes to the downsizing of LCD parts.
    Higher breakdown voltage than Si devices, yet lower switching and conduction loss

  • Schottky diodes

    Uses a more robust and reliable MPS design than Si devices.
    In combination with the Wolfspeed MOSFET, offering a higher level of efficiency.

  • Power modules

    Standard power modules improve performance with the latest SiC chipsets, minimizing package parasitics.

  • Gate driver board

    You can begin evaluating high-efficiency devices with a gate driver board equipped with a SiC chipset.

Special and New Product Information


The 1200V SiC MOSFET family offers designers the following benefits for use in high power applications:
- Reduced number of components
- Switching loss reduced by 30%

C3D SiC Schottky Diode

The Z-Rec series of Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes take advantage of silicon carbide on silicon to reduce diode switching loss.

XM3 Power Module

Power modules are ideal for demanding applications such as EV chargers, UPS
- Operates at high temperatures (175°C)
- Low inductance design (6.7 nH)
- 3rd generation SiC MOSFET with reduced switching loss

Cree's LED chips combine high efficiency InGaN materials with a unique G•SIC® substrate to provide superior price / performance for maximum brightness LEDs.


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About Cree/Wolfspeed

Cree's Power or RF division is known as the Wolfspeed brand and is recognized worldwide. We have a wide product portfolio of SiC power semiconductors and GaN RF solutions.
Cree's LEDs provide the best lighting class performance in the industry and are optimized for applications to minimize system cost. Cree's LEDs are designed to provide easy-to-select, easy-to-use, beautiful, long-lasting, and energy-efficient light.