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Bourns Releases New T1/E1 Transformer : Models SM75056PEL and SM75057PEL

2014/03/27Bourns  Equipment and control components


Riverside, California - February 5, 2014 - Bourns Inductive Components Product Line introduces twoadditional models, SM75056PEL and SM75057PEL, to the T1/E1 Transformer product category.

The Bourns® Models SM75056PEL and SM75057PEL are the potted construction version of existingModels SM75056EL and SM75057EL which are constructed using an injection molding method. Thenew models have a signifi cantly shorter production lead time of 10 weeks compared to 14-16 weeksof the existing models. Customers who have been using Models SM75056EL and SM75057EL mayconsider using the new SM75056PEL and SM75057PEL, respectively, if a reduced delivery lead timemay be benefi cial to the production schedule.

There are a few small differences in the mechanical features due to the different construction methodsof these two types of models. Please refer to the Bourns data sheets for additional details.

New models SM75056PEL and SM75057PEL are packaged 600 pieces/reel.Models SM75056EL and SM75057EL are packaged 700 pieces/reel.

Please visit the Bourns website at for additional product details. If you have anyquestions, please contact Bourns Customer Service/Inside Sales.




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