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LED Driver IC MV series


An IC equipped with functions specialized for LED lighting such as quasi-resonant operation, deep-tuning lighting and illuminated light switch support without auxiliary winding.
With the off-time modulation function, it is possible to achieve smooth deep light adjustment of 1% or less.

Product name Standard specification code Circuit type Activation circuit Output ON/OFF function Illuminated light switch Regulator Voltage[V] Package
MV1001SC -5072 Current critical control Built-in 1ch No Yes No SOP8J
MV1002SC -5072 (Exterior) No
LED driver IC MV 1000 series
  • LED driver IC MV 1000 series
  • Quasi-resonant operation by current critical mode, input variation is small, high efficiency and low noise
  • Deep dimming possible by off-time modulation (less than 1%)
  • PWM dimming and linear dimming possible
  • LED open protection using auxiliary winding possible
  • Built-in UVLO & LED short protection function
  • SOP8JPackage
  • LED ceiling light
  • LED base light
  • LED downlight
  • Other LED lighting equipment
The MV 1000 series can achieve quasi-resonant operation in the current critical mode without auxiliary winding,
so high efficiency and low noise can be realized with a simple power supply configuration.
It is an IC for LED drivers that enable smooth deep adjustment without flicker due to linear dimming.

Basic circuit configuration (MV1001SC)
Representative characteristics (Vin=DC140V, Vo=about 20V Io=0.6A)