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Shindengen is an overall manufacturer of power electronics that develops and produces power semiconductors, electrical products, power device products and new energy products. Chip One Stop allows you to make small-lot purchases of highly efficient and high performing power semiconductors and power device products.

Switching power supply control IC MS series


It is a control IC with a function that can drastically reduce input power during standby as compared with conventional ICs.
It has many functions and can select the main switching element freely, so it can handle a wide range of power capacity.
Product name Standard specification code Circuit type Vin applied voltage Vcc
Standby function Number of jumps Package
MS1003SH -5072 Quasi-Resonant 95 ~ 450 11 ~ 24 S-Stby
1time SOP8_7J
MS1004SH -5072 2times
Quasi-resonant power supply control IC supporting auto burst MS1003SH / MS1004SH
  • High efficiency and low noise are realized by quasi-resonant operation
  • Equipped with an auto standby function that does not require additional parts
  • Equipped with super standby function which can improve efficiency of futher light load areas
  • Equipped with automatic jump function to suppress rise of oscillation frequency
  • Built-in input voltage dependent correction circuit for overcurrent protection detection
  • Built-in start-up circuit not requiring start-up resistance to reduce loss in start-up circuit
  • Built-in soft drive circuit advantageous to noise
  • Overvoltage protection timer latch stops latching in 2 seconds
  • SOP8/7JPackage
The MS series is a high-performance IC that can drastically reduce standby power as compared with conventional Ics and incorporate various functions, making it easier to use and design power supplies with fewer external components.
By changing the main switch element, it is possible to handle a wide range of power capacity.

Main applications

  • Various standard power supplies
  • DVD/BD recorder & player
  • Digital STB power supply
  • Power supply for document equipment such as LBP
  • Energy saving flat TV power supply

Various Protection functions

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protection (latch stop)
  • Overload protection (timer latch stop)
  • Overheat protection (latch stop)
  • Soft start

Basic circuit configuration
Standby power characteristics

200V system imput 12V/30W power supply No load (no x capacitor dischange resistance)

  • Auto burst Pin=56mW
  • Super standby Pin=35mW