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Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide.
With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

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Molex can offer a variety of products that should be available for many types of connected home application, such as smart lighting, security, home furniture, etc. We hope that you can see it once and understand Molex's efforts as much as possible. And you can get how we can solve your wish as our capability.
Product name PicoBalde Connector System
1.25mm pitch
USB Type-C Connector & Cable SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors
0.40mm & 0.80mm pitch Battery Series
About Can choose 4 different types of header for a wide variety of applications and industries. The compact Type-C Connectors expanded family supports up to 10 Gbps speeds and offers robust, reliable connectivity in IoT, wearable device, etc. Achieve up to 15.0A of power and electrical reliability in an ultra-compact design with SlimStack Hybrid Power Connectors, designed for battery and other power applications.
Feature ・Two-point contact design can assure a reliable electrical connection under lowcurrent, low-voltage and high-vibration conditions
・Compact and small 1.25mm pitch W-to-W/W-to-B connectors can provide space savings
・Optional vacuum caps for SMT headers (2 to 15 circuits) Allows high-volume placement using industry-standard pick
・Plug with high normal force terminal design stabilizes electrical performance while suppressing temperature rise and supporting high currents
・Receptacle housing made of heat-resistant nylon by insert molding
・Uses a tank design that prevents damage to connectors and ensures high reliability
・Delivers up to 15.0A power to meet the growing power needs of tight-packaging applications
・Compact hybrid interface with power and signal contact
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Product name HDMI Type A Connector Pico-Lock Connector System Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors
0.50/1.00mm Pitch Slider Series
About Fully shielded Type-A Connectors feature up to 48 Gbps bandwidth with an 8K resolution display that is compatible with HDMI v1.4 and v2.1 Available in 1.00, 1.50mm and 2.00mm pitch versions, Pico-Lock offers an ideal combination of low profile, high current and durable locking for any application requiring space savings and secure mating retention Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors Slider Series, with their market proven ‘Slider’ locking mechanism and wide circuit options in top, bottom and vertical contact variations, offer design flexibility for FFC/FPC cable routing applications
Feature ・Up to 48 Gbps bandwidth can offer ideal for high-speed network applications
・Fully shielded design can provide EMI/RFI protection
・Compatible with HDMI v1.4 and v2.1 can suit a variety of user-application requirements
・Top friction locks can provide additional mating retention and visual mating assurance
・Wide robust-fitting nails can offer secure PCB retention and additional mechanical stability
・Ultra-low mated height of 2.60mm is less than half the height of other micro connectors
・4 to 50 circuit sizes in top, bottom and vertical contact points can offer design flexibility
・Gold- and Tin- plated contact points can prevent solder wicking during the SMT process
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