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Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide.
With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

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Molex Japan can offers a variety of products that can support automotive applications that are deeply related to autonomous driving, and provides specific examples of what kind of support can be provided for various solutions. We hope that you will see it once and understand molex's efforts as much as possible. In addition, we have various products in the factory automation field accelerated by 5G.
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Product name SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors
0.635mm Pitch Floating Series
SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors
0.635mm Pitch Rigid Series
SlimStack Board-to-Board Connectors
0.50mm Pitch Rigid Series
About The 0.635mm pitch series boasts many achievements, and its series lineup with floating mechanism can adpat into high market demand. It's totally newly available. A wide variety of board-to-board connectors with extensive polar and height deployments and more than 20 years of sales experience Narrow pitch board-to-board connector with a low-pitch lineup of up to 1.50 mm and a proven track record for automotive devices
Feature ・Maximum floating motion in the class of +/- 0.7mm in the X-Y axis direction
・Height development that can be selected by mating with plug connectors of the rigid series with market results
・Specifications from the operating temperature range to 125°C make it suitable for use in tough places under high temperatures
・ Largest lineup of poles in its class from 20 poles to 240 poles
・10 types of height development from 6mm to 16mm realized with 2 kinds of receptacles and 5 types of plugs
・2 receptacles and five plugs each have the same PCB layout
・Temperature range to 105°C for compact automotive and factory automation devices
・Lineup that can be selected from 16 poles to 80 poles and height from 1.50 mm to 4.00 mm
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Product name
About 1.90 mm connector for diverse market requirements, two-point contact beam improves contact reliability, pitch lineup of 0.50mm and 1.00mm pitch The latest connector of automatic One-Touch lock mating without actuator opening and closing operation, developed for applications that increase robot mating and work efficiency in the process, up to 80 poles Market-proven "Slider" locking mechanism with a wide range of pole numbers and choice of top interview point, lower interview point and straight insertion type, horizontal connection height 2.00mm
Feature ・Independent 2-point contact beam for improved contact reliability and FPC eared lock for increased holding force
・We have a proven track record in the automotive market, and respond to the requirements of each equipment and unit with a wide variety of products that are compatible with 105°C and products that are compatible with 150°C
・0.50mm pitch is 4 to 80 poles, 1.00 mm pitch is a wide range of poles from 4 to 30 poles, gold plating cable support
・ With the One-Touch locking mechanism, simply plug in the FFC / FPC cable and automatically lock mating
・Cable release method to press the center of the pushbutton for workability
・ 10 to 80 pole lineup, 125°C high temperature support and ground terminal options can also be selected
・The contact position can be selected from the top, bottom, and straight surfaces, allowing for flexible cable pulling design
・Robust slider locking mechanism
・Available in a wide variety from 4 to 50 poles, and can be selected from gold and tin plating
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