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TI | Industry's fastest 600-V gate driver from TI enables higher power density in server and industrial power

2015/10/14Texas Instruments  Power Supply



UCC27714 is a 600-V high-side, low-side gate driver with 4-A source and 4-A sink current capability, targeted to drive power MOSFETs or IGBTs. The device comprises of one ground-referenced channel (LO) and one floating channel (HO) which is designed for operating with bootstrap supplies. The device features excellent robustness and noise immunity with capability to maintain operational logic at negative voltages of up to –8 VDC on HS pin (at VDD = 12 V).
The device accepts a wide range bias supply input from 10 V to 20 V and offers UVLO protection for both the VCC and HB bias supply pins. UCC27714 is available in SOIC-14 package and rated to operate from –40°C to 125°C.


・High-Side, Low-Side Configuration, with Independent Inputs
・Fully Operational up to 600 V (HS Pin)
・Floating Channel Designed for Bootstrap Operation
・Peak Output Current Capability of 4-A Sink 4-A Source at VDD = 15 V
・Best-In-Class Propagation Delay (125-ns Maximum)
・Best-In-Class Delay Matching (20-ns Maximum)
・TTL and CMOS Compatible Input Logic
・VDD Bias Supply Range of 10 V to 20 V
・Bias UVLO Protection for Both Channels
・Rail-to-Rail Drive
・Robust Operation Under Negative Voltage Transients
・High dv/dt Immunity (HS Pin)
・Separated Grounds for Logic (VSS) and Driver (COM) with Capability to Sustain Voltage Difference
・Optional Enable Function (Pin 4)
・Outputs Held in LOW when Inputs Floating
・Inputs and Enable Pin Voltage Levels Not Restricted by VDD Pin Bias Supply Voltage
・High and Low Voltage Pins Separated for Maximum Creepage and Clearance
・Negative Voltage Handling Capability on Input and Enable Pins


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