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Altera Speeds IEC 61508-compliant Designs with Certified 28 nm FPGAs and Toolflows

2015/08/14Altera  Logic/PLD

Reduce Time to TÜV Certification

To simplify and speed up your safety certification process, Altera worked closely with TÜV Rheinland to provide a IEC61508 certified Functional Safety Data Package, which includes:

Diagnostic and standard intellectual property (IP) such as the Nios® II processor
FPGA design flows including a safety separation design flow
Development tools, including the Quartus® II software

TÜV-Qualified FPGAs for Functional Safety Designs

Our certified Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) Functional Safety Data Package shortens IEC 61508 development time and reduces certification risks in safety-critical industrial applications, such as industrial servo and inverter drives, safety devices, and automation controllers. The Safety Separation Design Flow retains the FPGA benefit of quick upgrades/bug fixes while reducing the need for full design re-certification. Our customers have been using the package since 2010 for industrial and automotive applications certified for ISO 26262, medical equipment, and military and aerospace systems. The following figure shows a typical dual-channel SIL3 industrial "safe" system implemented with two FPGAs. Contact your local Altera representative for more information and access to the IP-ABG-SafetyDP3 (1 year), the IPR-ABG-SafetyDP3 (renewal) packages or example designs.

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