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"GXF Series" Lead-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

2015/02/16Nippon Chemi-Con  Passive / Connections / mechanical parts


Up to Six Times the Ripple Current Compared with Conventional Products, Guaranteed for 3,000 Hours at 125C


September 30, 2014


Nippon Chemi-con has developed the "GXF Series" lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitor for ECU products, such as direct injectors automobile engines, electric power steering, electric pumps and the like.
Nippon Chemi-con is already producing the popular GXE and GPA series (125C products) for the same industry, but we developed the GXF series to cope with the demands for higher ripple current, higher capacitance and lower ESR for automobile electronics products. We believe that this will help to reduce the size of electric circuits.


The GXF series has a lineup with a wide rated voltage range from 25 to 400 volts, so that the best product can be provided for diversified uses.
High capacitance foil was adopted for this product together with the adoption of low resistance electrolyte with superior thermal stability compared with conventional products, so that high ripple current, high capacitance and low ESR have been achieved.


Sample Availability and Mass Production Schedule
 Mass production of the GXF series is planned to start in fiscal 2014.
 Production will be at Chemi-con Iwate Co., Ltd. (A wholly owned subsidiary)


 Product overview GXF Series
- Category temperature range: -40C to +125C
- Rated voltage: 25 to 400V
- Capacitance range: 12 to 11,000μF
- Case size: φ10×12.5L to φ18×40L
- Endurance: With the specified rated ripple current within the rated voltage range of 125C, 3,000 hours at 125C


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